Rare Stylez is your new Top source for Men's and Women's Clothing, Modern Furniture, Trendy Electronics and a whole lot more COOL STUFF that we discover each and every day! Only the top most wanted products make our product lineup with the absolute BEST prices!


The idea

Rare Stylez is here to bring you the most exclusive items tearing up the streets! Here, you can expect to always be ahead of the trends and becoming a true trend setter in your city! Forward thinking is a prize gift that every real and true hypebeast has to have to gain the respect of the streets... Here we do all of the thinking and research for you. All you have to do is pick whatever catches your eye and turn heads! 


The Hustle and Dedication

For the past two years we have traveled all across the U.S,, places in Europe as well as a couple of visits to China and Japan. It is in these great places that we have come across over 100 different suppliers with different awesome products to offer. It was A LOT of work, but we were able to do what so many others will not and that is get face to face with our suppliers and create close and lasting relationships with them in order to create the best experience for you our amazing customers while shopping with us. 


Our Community

We are building a huge community of our customer base within Facebook, and Instagram at this time with other outlets to come very soon! 




*Youtube coming soon!*


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Customer Communication

Each and every one of our products are delivered right to the specified address you place on your order with us. We love to create close relationships with our customers, so if there is ever any special instructions you have for your order we make the effort to talk with your local parcel and get your product to you the way you need it. 


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