At Slither Gear, we are dedicated to giving you the very best of rare trendy apparel, with a focus on Customer Service, Unique product selection and dependability.

We created Slither Gear with one goal in mind. We want to be the number one source for the hottest designer, appealing, most drippy products available online consistently. 

Slither Gear for ARTISTS

Without our great talented partner artists, there is no way Slither Gear could have dreamed of coming this far and being able to help customers all over the world express their true stylish identity whenever they Shop with us! This is why Slither Gear has been so greatly dedicated to the growth and continued  development of the Artist community. 

We want to help create over 100K new jobs in the Graphic arts and communications industry within the next 3 years! This is why we strive to take initiative in putting our dollars first in the quest to reach this amazing goal.

How do we do that?

For every $100 earned in revenue we invest $35 to local, domestic, and internationally owned Print facilities, graphic artists, graphic communications professional, and many talented artists local and worldwide. 

We want to be the source of true designer streetwear created by a large collection amazingly talented and gifted artists around the world! 

Our Slither Gear promise!

In addition, we strive to provide the best customer service experience for each and every one of our customers. We have taken the next step to offer Instant messaging by Messenger to give us the opportunity to connect with our customers and Chat with them in Real Time! 

Slither Gear is owned and operated in the heart of Downtown Greensboro, NC. We are devoted to delivering the most sought-after, head-turning, up-to-the-moment trends, to anyone, anywhere in the world!

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